Fire Shield


A Name You Can Trust – Since 1990

with Ember Control Technology
Fire & Flame Retardant
Spray-On Application

If you are like millions of people today
who are not aware of todays technological
advances in Flame Retardant applications.
You might think nothing
can be done to prevent or slow down
house and building burnouts. Universal
Fire Shield Flame Retardant Applications
have proven ability for over
19 years. Field tested and demonstrated
for Television and Radio audiences.
Shingle Kote SK-200 can and
does protect like no other product on
the market. Shingle Kote spray on applications
penetrate deeply into
wooden shingles and siding of all types.
SK-200 is a water based resinated
product. Therefore, after the resin
cures it becomes a part of the shingles,
preserving, insulating and making
flame resistant. Holding in the Flame
Retardant for up to 5 years! Flying
embers are no match for Shingle Kote
protection! With improved ember control
technology the wooden material
becomes as fire safe as asbestos without
the danger. The other benefits include,
preservation, insect, mold and mildew
with Ember Control Technology
Fire & Flame Retardant
Spray-On Application
Product Guaranteed 100% or your money
back, with certified applications.
Universal Fire Shield Products
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dont1roof1Economical – Powerful – Preserving
Environmentally Safe
Yes it takes planning for prevention. But
remember prevention is always better
than fighting a fire. Today this is possible
with a SK-200 application that will last
up to five full years or more.
SK-200 Preserves the wood and the
beauty safely. All types of outdoor wood
products can benefit from SK-200 including:
Existing and new shake shingles,
natural siding, plywood decking, and soffits.
Also recommended for thatched type
roofs. Wood shingle roofs, thatching and
like materials are all subject to flying embers
from wild land fires and even fire
places. After a few years even new fire
rated shake shingles lose all flame resistance
and must be retreated.
WHY TAKE CHANCES? Have it applied
today and relax!
Remember insurance does not prevent
loss of life or property. Truly, it is up to
you to protect your family and valuables
from fire danger.
Ask for licensed applicators in your area



Phosphoric Acid % Formaldehyde % This formula is a trade secret information is partial. This aqueous based resin liquid penetrant is recommended for internal and external use. Total Solids = 31.5%, Weight per Gallon = 9.10LBS, P.H.Factor = 5.5, Flash Point = 0 NON FLAMMABLE, color = clear to slight yellow, Volatility = Non-Volatile, Solvents = Water Base no petroleum or petroleum derivitives, Linear shrinkage = NON, Corrosive = Mild, Toxic = NON, Insect, rodent, aspergillus and black mold resistant. Preservative = Good, Keep Away from Pets, Do not spray directly on plants NO PBDE’S, No EPA issues
Class A,1, Flame Retardant Coating, Surface burning characteristics of applied coatings: Interior rating is Class A,1, Exterior Rating Class A,1 with 5 Year 200 inches of rain exterior weather resistance. Flame Spread = 25 or less, Smoke Generation = 26 or less, meets or exceeds: ASTM E-84, ASTM E-108 Burning Brand, ASTM D-2898, NFPA 255, NFPA 703, UL 723 (same as ASTM-84). Complies with US federal regulation guidelines for paints and coatings. ©1990 UNIVERSAL FIRE SHIELD REV. 06/01/2011